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Mechanical Engineering Case Studies

Business Activities That May Qualify

  • Designing and installing heating and air conditioning systems
  • Developing ventilation systems
  • Designing plumbing systems
  • Designing piping systems
  • Installing fire protection systems
  • Conducting new product development and design
  • Designing and developing equipment
  • Fabricating or designing pumps, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, etc.
  • Designing chillers, boilers, fire heaters, etc.
  • Installing refrigeration systems
  • Developing engineering drawings and specifications
  • Performing CAD modeling
  • Achieving sustainable design
  • Introducing new or improved construction techniques
  • Researching new wastewater treatment trends
  • Conducting fluid dynamic analysis and design
  • Designing pollution control systems
  • Developing air quality detection and system
  • Exploring new toxic waste disposal processes

Here Are Some of Our Clients' Success Stories:

Multi-Disciplined Engineering Firm

$1.1 MM

R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $65 MM

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Firm


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $20 MM

Mechanical Engineering Firm


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $11 MM

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