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Metals Industry Case Studies

Business Activities That May Qualify

  • Designing new die tooling, fixtures tooling, and specialized cutting tools for production
  • Designing and developing new or improved forming process (hot or cold form)
  • Developing improvements to the forming, stamping, and grinding production processes
  • Developing improvements to the quality, function, performance, or reliability of parts and components
  • Developing improvements to pollution controls, including baghouse improvements
  • Testing and development of a new casting, molding, and grinding types
  • Designing and/or developing automation of production equipment/machinery
  • Developing improvements to the welding processes
  • Developing techniques to eliminate material waste
  • Developing ways to recycle excess materials
  • Developing new and improved heat treatment processes
  • Conducting design validation testing to determine ultimate design of molds, dies, tooling, and fixtures
  • Implementation and development of automated processes
  • Developing new or improved manufacturing technologies
  • Innovations to optimize strength of tooling or components during the molding process
  • Testing conducted for new composite materials (metallurgical, tensile, gate freeze study, etc.)
  • Quality assurance testing, including First Article Reports and Inspections

Here Are Some of Our Clients' Success Stories:

Aerospace Manufacturing Company


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $235 MM

Metal Stamping Company


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $27 MM

Metal Stamping Company


R&D Tax Credits Realized

Annual Revenue: $7.7 MM

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