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How Engineering Companies Qualify for R&D

Get Refunds for Solving
Everyday Problems

Here are a few activities that qualify businesses in the ENGINEERING sector:

  • Creating designs for buildings, bridges, roadways and other types of infrastructure;
  • Designing and developing schematics;
  • Performing evaluations and system tests to ensure optimal functionality;
  • Performing calculations to support design determinations; and
  • Adapting designs to meet regulatory requirements.

Activities mentioned can qualify you for lucrative incentives and substantial tax savings in the form of Section 41 credits.

Keep reading to learn about the biggest permanent tax break available to the engineering industry and how you can claim it while filing taxes.


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Real Results from Engineering Firms


Annual Revenue: $44 MM

Received: $240,000 credits


Annual Revenue: $21 MM

Received: $524,000 credits


Annual Revenue: $71 MM

Received: $650,000 credits

How the R&D Tax Credit Helps Engineering Firms

The R&D Tax Credit remains in place as one of the most valuable incentives available for the benefit of engineering firms. As new problems are tackled, and as firms adapt to the new landscape, the innovations brought forward by engineers qualify for the R&D Tax Credit. Engineering firms across America are being refunded with these lucrative tax credits for their efforts toward improving the quality of services, processes, and products.

How the R&D Tax Credit can Offset Supply Chain Disruptions

The global events in the past two years have affected many industries across the U.S., including engineering firms. Many firms faced disruptions, like material shortages, project delays, and extra labor costs. This is where the R&D Tax Credit can play a crucial role by helping engineering firms leverage federal incentives to stay ahead. Engineering firms can use this permanent incentive to invest in new technology, optimize labor costs, retain talent, accelerate growth, and increase competitiveness in the industry.


R&D Tax Credit: Driving Innovation and Job Creation

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