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IT Solutions Providers

Can Qualify for the R&D Tax Credit
Have you been performing these day-to-day activities?
  • Providing technical expertise and consulting on business
    technology needs;
  • Performing technology evaluations and comparisons;
  • Design and development of new or improved hardware and
    software applications;
  • Creating system architecture for new system implementations;
  • Doing low-code programming to develop or automate new
    business processes;
  • Developing application code, scripts, APIs or web services; or
  • Database architecture design, implementation or improvement.
We’ll discuss your eligibility and help estimate your potential tax benefit.

Importance of R&D Tax Credit

The R&D Tax Credit was introduced in 1981 to increase technical jobs in America by encouraging businesses to invest in innovation. It is now the most significant permanent tax credit available. As the competition within the American marketplace continues to intensify, companies need to utilize every resource they can. This credit intends to support innovative industries so they can reallocate funds back into their businesses.

R&D Tax Credit 5 Myths

Unfortunately, only one out of twenty small and medium-sized companies eligible for this credit take advantage of it. Here are some of the myths that hold them back:

  • The tax credit is only for companies that invent something new.

  • This benefit is for businesses with research labs.

  • The credit won't help me with my state taxes or bottom line!

  • It's too good to be true!

  • There will be tax reform, and the R&D credit will go away.

  • Faced losses or didn't have tax liability.

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Success Stories from Our Clients

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$3.4 Million

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Our Process


A risk-free, no-cost assessment


Cataloging applicable mandates


Documentation of more than nominal impact


Calculation of credit and accounting for other relief and incentives claimed

We actively work with business owners in every industry to help them claim this lucrative tax break, but not every business qualifies. Our team includes industry experts and former IRS commissioners bring insights that allow us to better assess if you qualify for this credit.

Why alliantgroup?

We are the leading experts in tax credits and incentives. Since 2002, we have helped US businesses grow their operations and stay ahead of the competition. To date, we have delivered billions in refunds to over 27,000 businesses.

800+ Industry Experts

Our professionals know your business inside and out and know what qualifies to ensure the most lucrative refund. No other firm offers professionals versed in your industry.

Four Former IRS and Division Commissioners

Our former commissioners are the preeminent experts on IRS policy and ensure our practices and procedures align with the service’s expectations. No other firm offers this level
of oversight.

Former Legislators

Our former policymakers understand the intent of tax law and why they apply to your business. As part of our team, they advocate for our clients and help them take advantage of federal funds. No other firm understands tax law to this extent.


Hear From Our Clients

This is our second year partnering with alliantgroup in claiming the R&D Tax Credit, and we are extremely pleased with the regards that they have provided for our company thus far… We were truly able to understand how our company qualifies and were made aware of the significant value it would bring to our business.

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Claiming the R&D Tax Credit with alliantgroup has had a positive impact on our company overall. The credits we received have allowed us to reinvest in our business, and has ultimately contributed to helping us accomplish our ongoing development efforts.

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R&D Systems Integrators
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