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Investment & Wellness

strong in mind, strong in body

The alliantgroup Investment and Wellness Team works with each one of our professionals to ensure their health, happiness, and success. Our goal is to see every person live their BEST life by investing in them on both a personal and professional level.

about alliantgroup wellness

Our Investment and Wellness Team takes a holistic approach in ensuring the success of our professionals. With an 87% engagement rate, there is truly nothing off limits when it comes to the wellness offerings at alliantgroup. When we are all our best selves, we are able to best serve our clients!

meet the team

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[info_circle edge_radius=”75″ start_degree=”90″ eg_padding=”70″ icon_size=”32″ img_icon_size=”32″ content_icon_size=”32″ content_bg=”#ffffff” content_color=”#1f365c” eg_br_style=”solid” eg_br_width=”10″ eg_border_color=”#ffffff” auto_slide=”on” auto_slide_duration=”3″ highlight_style=”info-circle-push” responsive_breakpoint=”480″][info_circle_item info_title=”Spiritual” info_icon=”fas fa-hand-holding-heart” icon_bg_color=”#1e73be” icon_color=”#ffffff”]A higher power outside of self upon which one can lean for grounding and growth.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Emotional” info_icon=”fas fa-sad-tear” icon_bg_color=”#ea3535″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]Understanding why a feeling occurs and how to appropriately respond emotionally.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Situational” info_icon=”fas fa-leaf” icon_bg_color=”#e74bf2″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]Being able to navigate disruptions (positive or negative) in any situation.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Financial” info_icon=”fas fa-money-bill” icon_bg_color=”#b5f74c” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Having a rich understanding of where your money is coming from and where it is going.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Intellectual” info_icon=”fas fa-brain” icon_bg_color=”#18acbc” icon_color=”#ffffff”]A realm of perspectives like reading, learning new languages, podcasts and more, that help keep the mind sharp and strong.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Occupational” info_icon=”icomoon-icomoonfree-16×16-users” icon_bg_color=”#8224e3″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]Finding fulfillment in work outside of task through relationships, growth, and investment.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Physical” info_icon=”fas fa-weight-hanging” icon_bg_color=”#002833″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]Movement, nutrition, and rest.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Social” info_icon=”Defaults-wechat” icon_bg_color=”#42a000″ icon_color=”#ffffff”]A network outside of self that offers fun and different perspectives.[/info_circle_item][/info_circle]

wellness wheel

The alliantgroup Investment and Wellness Team takes a holistic approach to the health, happiness, and success of every single professional. Everything from physical wellness goals to occupational development, our onsite team works around the clock to see our people thrive!

onsite offerings


  • Onsite Gym & Pilates Studio
  • Onsite Classes including Strength Training, Endurance Interval Training, Pilates, and Power Yoga
  • Afternoon Stretch Sessions on every floor
  • Healthy FIT Meal Options in our Onsite Cafe

community events


  • Monthly 5K’s and Fun Runs
  • Intramural Sports
  • Corporate Wellness Partnerships at local gyms, studios, and juice bars!

awards & recognition


  • Houston’s Healthiest Employer 2018 & 2019
  • 2021 Houston’s #1 BEST PLACE TO WORK
  • Fitbit’s Top 100 Healthiest Employers in America
  • RYDE Indoor Cycling Corporate Challenge Winners 2019 & 2020
  • Named a 2020 Best Workplace by Inc. Magazine

recent events