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Chris Stephenson

    Managing Director of Intelligent Automation, AI and Digital Services

    With over 25 years of entrepreneurial and consultative experience in various sectors, Chris Stephenson is the current Managing Director of Intelligent Automation, AI & Digital Services at alliantgroup. Chris, former managing principal of product automation at Grant Thornton, has been recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for leading integrations, acquisitions, and technological implementations.

    Professional focal points include sales, operations, finance, shared service design, system design and integration, business process outsourcing, negotiation, cross-functional team leadership, complex problem-solving, client relationship management, and project management. While at Grant Thornton, Chris led the development and production of over 200 automation products for the firm and its clients.

    Currently at alliantgroup, Chris is leading the AI division at the firm and has already delivered on multiple internal and client-facing-AI products.

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