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Kathy Petronchak

    Former IRS Commissioner of Small Business/Self-employed Division (SB/SE); alliantgroup Director of IRS Practice & Procedure

    Kathy Petronchak is the Director of IRS Practices and Procedure at alliantgroup and is part of the alliantnational group in Washington, DC. In this role, she serves as an invaluable resource on a wide range of issues related to IRS procedures, such as foreign bank account reporting, alternative dispute resolution; statute of limitations; account problems, collection issues, and penalty issues. She also assists in representing clients before the IRS with an examination or appeal issue. She specializes in the area of tax controversy services, providing support for clients in their issues with the IRS.

    She has worked with a countless number of businesses in examination from both the government’s perspective and in the position of audit defense. Prior to joining alliantgroup in December 2013, Kathy had 29 years’ experience in directing IRS compliance activities and 5 years of experience at a Big Four firm providing tax controversy services. Her experience at IRS included serving as the Commissioner of the Small Business/Self–Employed Division (SB/SE); where she was responsible for overseeing IRS audits and collection activity of small and mid-sized businesses. She also served as Chief of Staff to the IRS Commissioner and help several executive positions in the Large and Mid-Size Business Division where she was responsible for audits of large and mid-size taxpayers and programs relating to abusive tax shelters .

    Kathy is currently the Chair of the AICPA IRS Advocacy & Relations Committee and has served on various committees the past 11 years.

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