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Rainmaker welcomes alliantTALENT as the Preferred Provider of Remote Talent Solutions

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Quotes from Eric Hylton, Former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self Employed Division; alliantgroup National Director of Compliance

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Rainmaker is proud to announce that alliantTALENT, a professional services firm delivering international remote talent solutions to U.S. CPA firms, has been chosen as the Preferred Provider of remote talent solutions for its members. The shortage of accounting talent in the CPA profession is of grave concern to every member, and Rainmaker made diligent efforts to select a solution that would appropriately address the needs and concerns of CPAs.

“Every firm I’ve spoken with is exploring remote talent solutions and we want to make sure our members have access to a proven provider that is focused on quality and communication,” said Angie Grissom, President of the Rainmaker Companies. “We have seen the impact alliantTALENT is already having on several of our members. I talked to a partner who was turning away work because they were short staffed. After working with alliantTALENT, they are now able to take on more work and expand their offerings. We are excited to make this powerful resource available to all of Rainmaker.”

CEO of alliantTALENT Jim Brady pioneered remote talent solutions for Deloitte and Grant Thornton and designed alliantTALENT from the ground up to specifically fit the needs of firms like Rainmaker members. “Our solution serves as an extension of your team; we adhere to your standards of quality, we meet your internal deadlines and we ensure you have an open channel to a U.S. professional with oversight into your work,” said Brady.

One of the main issues members have encountered with remote talent providers is a lack of transparency into who or how work is done. alliantTALENT lets firms control who joins their team, how they are trained, the standards of quality and assurance of continuity if things change. The direct input allowed by alliantTALENT is a stark contrast to the black box model used by other firms, representing a unique advantage alliantTALENT has in the remote talent space.

Additionally, alliantTALENT offers an IT concierge to members, so firms can integrate their remote team members into their existing systems while maintaining data security.

After almost a decade with alliantgroup as the Preferred Provider of credits & incentives for members, Rainmaker is pleased to see this relationship grow with the addition of alliantTALENT. alliantTALENT proved to be a natural expansion of a historically fruitful partnership, as well as the firm best equipped to assist with the unique needs of members.

About alliantTALENT

alliantTALENT, an alliantgroup subsidiary, serves as an extension of your CPA team providing quality talent to improve your business every step of the way. This seamless support allows firms to focus on growth again. We are a one stop shop that supplements the audit & assurance, tax, advisory and client accounting service practices of US CPA firms. Our solution is customized to your needs and ensures your standards of quality.

Featured Leadership

Eric Hylton

Eric Hylton held several prominent positions at the IRS, including serving as Deputy of the Criminal Investigation Division and as CI’s head of International Operations. As National Director of Compliance, Eric employs his years of experience at the IRS to assist alliantgroup’s clients as an ambassador for U.S. small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and in helping others become tax compliant.