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New Ag Industry Tax Breaks Stronger than Deprecation of Equipment

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What is included

  • How competitors in your industry are benefitting
  • Why many eligible business owners and their CPAs fail to take advantage of the R&D credit
  • How laws and regulations have changed to allow more companies to benefit than ever before
  • The types of qualifying business activities
  • How much businesses like yours are claiming annually


Encouraging and funding innovation within America’s tech industry is a major priority for the new administration. As everyone around the world experienced the effects of the pandemic, Digital Transformation was a key driver to keep our world connected. Businesses of all sizes were forced to go digital which set the tone for a new way of efficiently operating, so Congress has approved new initiatives to help technology firms expand and grow as we adapt to a more innovative future.

This whitepaper provides insights that can directly apply to your business, and our team is prepared to help you identify all qualifying activities that maximize your benefit.