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How Manufacturers Can Prevent Becoming Cybersecurity Targets

Manufacturing companies were far down the list of the most targeted sectors for cyberattacks as recently as 2018, but this changed rapidly. By 2019 manufacturing had moved up to the eighth most targeted sector and in 2021 it moved into second place (behind finance).

alliantgroup’s Cybersecurity Practice, Alliant Cybersecurity. Is Honored to Be on Top 250 MSSPs List for 2021

Alliant Cybersecurity, alliantgroup’s comprehensive cybersecurity consultancy, is honored to be on the Top 250 MSSPs List for 2021. This is the first year that Alliant Cybersecurity, which provides unique data security and risk management needs to mid-market businesses and professional services firms, has applied for a spot on the list. Alliant Cybersecurity was born out of alliantgroup’s long, successful history of working with small to medium-sized businesses and understanding that cybersecurity is an increasingly necessary component of success for these businesses.

Coronavirus: Working from Home Cybersecurity Tips

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Hackers Profiting Off Coronavirus with Phishing E-mails

Bad actors online love to prey on tragedy and fear to make a profit. Unfortunately, it seems as though coronavirus is no exception, and there are phishing emails circulating designed to capitalize on the worldwide pandemic. With the world in a panic, everyone should be even more vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity than ever.

Compliance and Congress – How to Build an Effective Cyber Strategy

The growing threat of cyberattacks is a huge cause for concern. According to some of the country’s foremost intelligence experts, the U.S. may encounter a massive cyberattack on the horizon. An attack of this scale is predicted to cause damage comparable to a Category 5 hurricane, where everything from vehicles to pacemakers could be compromised. The country needs to be ready – and not just the public sector. Private businesses, regardless of size, would be taking an extreme risk if the necessary precautions are not put into place.