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Three Strategies for Recruiting the Best Tech People After a Pandemic

Labor shortages in the Americas continue to affect all sectors of the US economy, and the technology industry is no exception. In fact, companies have been suffering from a shortage of STEM talent for quite some time, and a recent survey of 1,200 technicians and IT workers in the United States found that 72% will quit their jobs by the end of next year. understood.

Overcoming Roadblocks to Digital Transformation

Like a driver dropping a lead brick on the gas pedal, the pandemic accelerated every industry’s need to automate and digitize its processes. A combination of supply chain disruptions, an increasingly disparate workforce, and the pressure to integrate emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning are pushing companies to ramp up digital transformation efforts to maintain competitiveness.

Tax Credits Pave the Way for Digital Transformation

Tax Credits Pave the Way for Digital Transformation

To respond to this accelerated need for digital transformation, companies should lean on available federal and state tax incentives as a way to secure much-needed funding. A simple rewards program can tackle the most egregious offenders by offering incentives, but more comprehensive plans can be put in place to handle even smaller, everyday medical expenses.