The R&D Tax Credit can provide an immediate source of cash as well as a significant reduction to current and future years’ federal and state tax liabilities.

Chemical Composition & Laboratory Services Company

This privately held chemical and biomedical laboratory provides chemical production and other bioscience consulting services to a pharmaceutical and hightechnology clientele. The company was commissioned to conduct a chemical composition and interference study to determine if reactive impurities in pharmaceutical excipients could cause product instability. A dynamic team of chemical engineers and lab technicians used stability-indicating methods to eliminate or minimize pathway degradation, with careful consideration to purity, precision and consistency. The team was able to conclude the drug’s preclinical development and recommended it for clinical testing.

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Chlorine & Bleach Manufacturer

A significant expansion project presented itself to this hypochlorite business at a time when increasing its chemical yield was crucial to maintain marketshare. In an effort to increase its bleach output to 150 tons per day, the company opted to build a new processing facility utilizing modular plant assembly, a contemporary alternative to the traditional stick-bilt method. With this relatively new construction technology, the manufacturing operations were able to relocate to the much larger space in a 30-month timeframe with minimal disruption to operations.

This is just one example of the many ways your company could qualify!

Refineral Process Chemical Manufacturer

This company focuses on manufacturing customized drilling, stimulation and production chemicals for the oil and gas industry. A product engineering team was tasked with discovering new chemical formulations to improve well integrity and flow assurance, and set out to treat and eliminate production inhibitors, including corrosion and gas hydrates in tank and pump operations. After analyzing fluid samples from oil and gas well sites, in addition to an analysis of raw materials, they developed a precise chemical concoction designed to mitigate corrosive factors.

This is just one example of the many ways your company could qualify!

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