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Stimulus Relief for
Auto Dealerships

The Employee Retention Credit is the most powerful tax incentive available to businesses that retained employees during the pandemic. Auto Dealerships qualify for this incentive and thanks to recent legislative changes, the amount these businesses can claim has substantially increased. So, if you or your advisor have reviewed this credit before, it is time to look again.

How Auto Dealerships Qualify for ERC:

  1. Decreased vehicle inventory;
  2. Increased lead times for parts and accessories;
  3. Inability to conduct test drives;
  4. Restrictions on showroom capacity; and
  5. Restrictions on repossessions.

Get up to $26,000 per employee in cash refunds
for 2020+2021.


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Former IRS Commissioner on ERC for Auto Dealerships:

Hear from Eric Hylton, former IRS Commissioner, as he explains how your business may qualify for ERC and why he works alongside alliantgroup to help small and medium sized businesses, like Auto Dealerships, claim this significant refund.

Even if your revenue is up, even if you claimed PPP, even if you think you were not impacted over the last two years, you very likely still qualify.

Case Studies

Real Tax-saving Examples

Dealership Auto Group

No. of Outlets: 4
No. of Employees: 156
Annual Revenue:
70% Increase (2019-2021)

$1.65 MM

credits earned

Dealership Auto Group

No. of Outlets: 3
No. of Employees: 142

$1.3 MM

credits earned

Auto Dealership

No. of Outlets: 1
No. of Employees: 88


credits earned

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid Before Claiming the Employee Retention Credit

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Hear From Our Clients

“We were actually profitable the last two years, so I thought the Employee Retention Credit wasn’t meant for me. But we had inventory issues, like everyone else, and we had to change how we did sales and it turns out those things qualified us for the credit. We’ve been able to claim over a million dollars in refunds across our two locations because of ERC.”


“We’re a family business and I want to leave what we’ve built to my kids in the best shape possible. I knew that ERC was rewarding businesses that kept employees on payroll during the last two years but my CPA wasn’t sure that we qualified. After talking with alliantgroup we learned almost every car dealer qualifies due to the government orders that have limited our inventory and closed our showroom floors. Thanks to them we’ve received six figures back in refunds.”


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