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Robotic automation is now a critical industry for the United States economy. Companies that are employing robotics, integrating automation systems and customizing robots for clients are now claiming Section 41, the largest tax incentive available for U.S. businesses.

alliantgroup is the only service provider that employs engineers, software developers, scientists and robotic experts to understand the nuance of our clients’ businesses so we can help them accurately claim the maximum amount of credits available. Our Strategic Advisory Board also includes the head executives of three robotic companies to help us better address the needs of the industry. That’s why robotic integrators are seeing massive increases in their credits claimed when they switch to us.

We’ve assembled some of the best in the industry to research and provide the information you need to fully understand how the Section 41 can truly benefit your business. Section 41 has sometimes been referred to as the R&D Credit and you may have read about it in Tracy Lustyan’s article in You may also have read about the power of Section 41 in Forbes, Fortune and Politico but for a more in depth look, be sure to read our white paper.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Which industries and companies are benefiting the most from the R&D credit
  • Why changes relating to laws, regulations, guidance and court decisions have greatly expanded the amount of companies that are eligible for the credit
  • Why business owners and CPAs tend to overlook the R&D credit in regards to their tax planning

You can also find out how your business may already qualify with a quick 5-minute call with one of our specialist. Give us a call at 844-898-3280 to find out if we can help put money back in your business today.