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How Pressure Vessel Fabricators Qualify For & R&D

Unlock Cash Benefit with the R&D Tax Credit!

Pressure Vessel Fabricators can qualify for the largest permanent federal incentive for performing the following daily activities:

  • Custom fabrication of pressure vessels based on ASME specifications;
  • On-site fabrication and installation of equipment or structures;
  • Developing unique welding techniques to optimize manufacturing processes;
  • Prototyping and 3D modeling of pressure vessels;
  • Detailing, estimating, fabrication and commissioning of pressure vessels; and
  • Pressure testing and validation for newly developed components.


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Real Results from Pressure Vessel Fabricators


Annual Revenue: $15 MM

Received: $1.1 MM credits


Annual Revenue: $24 MM

Received: $1.6 MM credits


Annual Revenue: $50 MM

Received: $3.9 MM credits

Why should you claim the R&D Tax Credit?

R&D doesn’t always mean beakers and lab coats — a common misconception that often leads pressure vessel fabricators to self-disqualify themselves! In fact, for companies to be eligible for this benefit, they need to do their their typical day-to-day activities such as performing custom fabrication for clients, developing print-to-build products, optimizing processes and prototyping.

In the light of global events that have shaken the U.S. economy to its core, pressure vessel fabricators should be reviewing this incentive now more than ever. This dollar-for-dollar credit can be used to fund new research and development, hire staff, or even reinvest in marketing to boost sales. Here are some reasons why you might rethink of claiming for this permanent benefit:

  1. Retaining talent: You can earn significant refunds for not outsourcing from offshores and keeping R&D personnel in the U.S..
  2. Claiming for ‘Direct Support’: You can claim the R&D Tax Credit for more than just your technical employees. Anyone who assists or performs support work can also be eligible to qualify.
  3. Ready for Demand: In order to get ahead of delays and material shortages, claiming the R&D credit can help you cope with rising demands post pandemic.
  4. Mitigate Supply Chain Disruption: While supply chains are recovering at a slower pace, your company needs to be ready to navigate any difficult situation the coming months might bring, such as material shortages, extended delays, shifting support, etc.

How the R&D Tax Credit can benefit Pressure Vessel Fabricators

Chris Rambosek, VP of Operations, outlines how the R&D Tax Credit has opened new doors for his team to take strategic risks, invest in new technology and enter new markets.

Hear from our clients at ProStar Manufacturing:

R&D Tax Credit: Driving Innovation and Job Creation

Hear from our clients

From the beginning, it was evident that we were dealing with a team of industry experts. They were familiar with the industry at large and the highly technical nature of our work. We felt educated about how we qualified for the incentive and ultimately were able to reap a significant financial reward.


We were especially impressed with alliantgroup’s thoroughness in evaluating the nature and extent of the R&D work done by our employees and their understanding that every tank we build is a structure with its own unique design characteristics and challenges. It was evident that they understand the R&D Tax Credit rules and are able to apply them to maximize the credit available to their clients.


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