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New IRS regulations and recent court rulings have made government incentives more available than ever before here in [insert_php] echo $_GET[‘utm_medium’];[/insert_php]. These cash-inducing incentives reward companies for what often amounts to their everyday projects and activities—and businesses around the state (and in a growing numbers of industries) are cashing in on these projects.

qualify At alliantgroup, we work with [insert_php] echo $_GET[‘utm_medium’];[/insert_php] businesses and their CPAs to identify powerful government-sponsored tax credits and incentives.
alliantgroup’s specialty tax services allow businesses to reduce pending or past tax liability and receive cash back for qualifying activities in [insert_php] echo $_GET[‘utm_medium’];[/insert_php].


Including a staff of more than 600 professionals in various fields of study, including: architecture, engineering, sotware development, chemistry, and accounting.


No other firm has alliantgroup’s combination of talent, resources and experience to
substantiate claims for businesses.


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