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David Ji

    Senior Managing Director

    David is a Senior Managing Director at alliantgroup’s Houston headquarters where he brings extensive experience in the fields of finance and bio-engineering. David’s passion to serve U.S. businesses stems from his first-hand experience seeing many biotech and tech companies fail because of lack of funding and resources. At alliantgroup, David has helped several thousand businesses claim credits and incentives which has helped them to stay in business and further the innovative work that they are doing.

    Prior to joining alliantgroup, David worked on cutting-edge research in the arenas of developmental biology and gene therapy as a research and bioanalytical scientist at Introgen Therapeutics and Rice University’s Department of Biochemistry. In addition, David served as a senior analyst for the corporate development / strategy group of a regional firm. David’s research and technical background, together with his business analyst training, gives him a unique combination of skills that allows him to identify and capitalize on tax incentives for a wide variety of business enterprises.

    David received his B.S. in biology from the University of Texas at Austin, his M.S. in biochemistry from Rice University, and his MBA in finance / accounting from the University of Houston.

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