HOUSTONMarch 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — alliantgroup is proud to announce sponsorship of a $10,000 grant to Bellaire High School for a post-Hurricane Harvey water quality study. Bellaire High School teachers Jane BakerStephanie Clayton and Hillary Schulze, and student teacher Sara Ross, are recipients of the grant and will lead the study as part of the school’s biology and aquatic science programs.

“I would like to thank alliantgroup for this generous grant and for providing our students with a unique opportunity,” said Baker. “This grant will allow our students to engage in an authentic research study that will not only benefit the community, but also help generate interest in and develop the skills needed for a career devoted to scientific research.”

Recent analysis has revealed that Hurricane Harvey may have caused long-term damage to the health of valuable coastal water supplies. This new study will provide students the chance to survey these waterways by periodically collecting and examining water data from Cypress Slough and Bolivar Peninsula. By using previous years’ data, conducting online research and collaborating with Bellaire High School’s environmental science department, students will compare pre- and post-Harvey water quality parameters, as well as monitor future water recovery. They will then engineer and test potential future solutions for water remediation, while sharing their learning process via social media, local news and official portals such as Texas Stream Team.

The project’s end goal is to enhance the development of science literate students who are capable of engineering innovative solutions to real-world issues.

This grant is just the latest philanthropic initiative from the Blue Heart Fund, alliantgroup’s non-profit charity. The Blue Heart Fund focuses on giving to the community and promoting STEM education nationwide. From awarding STEM-based scholarships to direct outreach to K-12 schools, alliantgroup remains committed to engaging young people in STEM and inspiring the range of career opportunities within STEM fields.

“I am proud to present this grant for an endeavor that advances STEM education and, for Houston, tackles an issue still affecting our community two years after Hurricane Harvey,” said alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav.