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NSCA Chicago Charity Event

This week we gave back in Chicago! 💻 We teamed up with NSCA to sponsor their charity event at their annual Pivot to Profit Conference. Together, we assembled computer cable kits for families that will be receiving computers this fall through Compudopt.

Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are highlighting our special partnership with the SHE IS FOUNDATION and Space Center Houston where we welcomed students from Ecuador & Peru for a week long Space Camp!

How Teacher Shortages Will Affect Future STEM Talent

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States across the country continue to struggle with staggering teacher shortages, and summer vacation is quickly coming to an end with a new school year upon us. Trying to find qualified candidates is a challenge for school districts nationwide, especially in STEM subjects, and this shortage will not only impact the youth of today, but it will impact tech companies for years to come.

Tech Companies — Your Best Investment is K-12 STEM Education

The United States is facing an unprecedented teacher shortage, with almost half (44%) of public schools reporting teacher vacancies this year. With fewer teachers renewing their contracts and resources slimming for students, US public schools’ ability to provide STEM education will continue to lag, further dulling the US’ competitive edge globally in science and engineering.

alliantgroup Chairman of Robotics Kicks Off Space Center’s Moon2Mars Festival

From the classroom, to space, and beyond! Dr. Robert Ambrose, alliantgroup Chariman of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, addressed Space Center Houston in June at their inaugural Moon 2 Mars festival and business conference. He highlighted the need to strengthen the partnerships between academics and the exploration of space, to fuel the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

2022 SPARK Award Spotlight: Leticia Sifuentes

From honorable mention to finalist! Fifth grade science teacher, Leticia Sifuentes, says she is thrilled to be one of six nominees for alliantgroup’s 2022 SPARK Award. Although this is her first year teaching at Bonner Elementary School, Sifuentes is a veteran of the classroom with 24 years of experience. She credits her own fifth grade teacher for inspiring her to become one.

2022 SPARK Award Spotlight: Ruth Giles

From foster care to the classroom, 5th grade science teacher Ruth Giles says her childhood shaped her into the teacher she is today. She tells us she relates more easily to her students at Cornelius Elementary School because of the challenges she faced but also the support she got along the way.