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alliantgroup Chairman of Robotics Kicks Off Space Center’s Moon2Mars Festival

From the classroom, to space, and beyond! Dr. Robert Ambrose, alliantgroup Chariman of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, addressed Space Center Houston in June at their inaugural Moon 2 Mars festival and business conference. He highlighted the need to strengthen the partnerships between academics and the exploration of space, to fuel the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

“Government and industry— you need them both. I am super excited about the next generation, our future is bright, but we need to help point young people in the right direction,” said Dr. Ambrose.

Dr. Ambrose recently retired from NASA as the Chief of Software, Robotics, and the Simulation Division and is now part of the faculty at Texas A&M University. During a panel discussion with other academic leaders from Rice University and Baylor University, Dr. Ambrose talked about bridging the gap between industry and academics to help fuel ideas beginning at a young age.

“What topics get kids most excited to learn about STEM careers? The gateway to these jobs is providing them with experiences surrounding space, robots, video games and dinosaurs,” said Dr. Ambrose.

Some of those experiences include STEM education programs provided by Space Center Houston at the Dhaval R. Jadav Learning Innovation Center, named after alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav. The center focuses on preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow by giving them access to what is happening now in space exploration through hands-on engineering-based activities.

“We have to provide opportunities for these kids so they can have that moment where they realize this is what I want to do with my future,” explained Dr. Ambrose. “Space Center Houston does a great job providing these unique and authentic moments and that’s the key to getting these young people into universities and jobs in the future.”

College students are now being given the chance, through these university partnerships, to actually conduct their experiments in space. As Dr. Ambrose explains, these moments aren’t just providing academic learning opportunities but offering real-time solutions for industry experts.

“We are unique because we have so much within our city. From universities to the Medical Center, to Space Center Houston, and NASA, all of this can help push us forward.”

Dr. Ambrose says he is encouraged by the next generation and is excited to see what they will do for the exploration of space and beyond.

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Christina Bradberry

Christina Bradberry is a former Emmy nominated News Producer turned Multimedia pro. She joined alliantgroup in the spring of 2022 after nearly a decade in the news industry. When she’s not showcasing alliantgroup’s work in the community and innovative projects, you can find her on the water paddle boarding or on the dance floor learning to ballroom dance.