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How Tech and Government Can Speak the Same Language

EEtimesby Rick White, Former U.S. Congressman & CEO of Technet
August 13, 2020
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Weathering the Storm: Getting Government Incentives to Build More Resilient Projects

Forbesby Brian Aumueller, alliantgroup Managing Director
July 18, 2020
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Tax Tools to Spur Sustainable Growth in the Next Wave of COVID-19 Relief Legislation

Forbesby Mark Everson, Former IRS Commissioner and alliantgroup Vice Chairman
July 30, 2020
Published in Tax Notes

How the U.S. should incentivize innovation during the coronavirus pandemic

by Rick Lazio, alliantgroup Senior Vice President
June 23, 2020
Published in Fortune

Next Industrial Evolution – A Shift in US Manufacturing

Forbesby Dhaval Jadav, Chief Executive Officer at alliantgroup
June 30, 2020
Published in Industry Today

Coronavirus and Tax Relief — Encourage Supply Chain Jobs Back To the US

Forbes by Dean Zerbe for alliantgroup
March 18, 2020
Published in Forbes

Taxes and Congress — Santa Brings The Big Sled

Forbes by Dean Zerbe for alliantgroup
December 17, 2019
Published in Forbes

How the R&D tax credit rewards job shops and contract manufacturers

New Equipment Digest by Tracy Lustyan, alliantgroup Managing Director
October 29, 2019
Published in The Fabricator

Dear 2020 contenders: Education can STEM the gaps to the American voter

Des Moines Register by Rick Lazio, alliantgroup Senior Vice President &
Harold Ford Jr., alliantgroup Strategy Advisory Board Member
September 24, 2019
Published in Des Moines Register

How companies can ‘create the enemy’

Plastics Technology by Frank Tirelli, alliantgroup Vice Chairman of Professional Services
September 24, 2019
Published in Human Resource Executive

An Incentive That Won’t Bend

New Equipment Digest by Greg Knarr, alliantgroup Director
May 30, 2019
Published in New Equipment Digest

The Next Farm Hand: How Technology is Helping Secure a Strong Future for US Agriculture

The Progressive Farmer by Mike Johanns, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Governor and U.S. Senator for Nebraska; alliantgroup Chairman of Agriculture
May 9, 2019
Published in The Progressive Farmer

R&D Tax Credit — Still The One For Small And Medium Business Owners

Forbes by Dean Zerbe for alliantgroup
April 26, 2019
Published in Forbes