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Tools to Help U.S. Agriculture Stay Competitive

Every five or so years, the U.S. Congress has the difficult task of trying to pass an act that will guide the future of the agriculture industry, while simultaneously trying to minimize the rural/urban divide. This act historically has gone by many names, but is universally known as the “farm bill” and sets the table for some of the most efficient and innovative minds to help feed the world. It’s never easy to pass, not due to partisan politics generally, but rather as a result of where Americans call home.

Ag Policy Blog: Former Agriculture Secretary Laments Gridlock on Farm Bill

Mike Johanns, who worked on farm bills as both an Agriculture Secretary and U.S. senator, is becoming less optimistic that Congress will complete a farm bill this year.
Johanns, in a phone interview with DTN, noted the problem with debate over the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and mid-term elections are complicating the prospects.

Politico speaks with Secretary Johanns on the R&D credit and the upcoming farm bill

Farmers have a lot on their wishlist for tax reform, should Congress ever get to it, but former Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns says many in agriculture aren’t taking advantage of a key credit already available to them. The former Nebraska governor, who led the USDA under President George W. Bush before serving a stint in the Senate, is on a mission to get farmers to use the federal R&D tax credit. That provision provides a dollar-for-dollar credit when a business tries something new in its operation, Johanns told MA.