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1208, 2020

Tax Tools to Spur Sustainable Growth in the Next Wave of COVID-19 Relief Legislation

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July 30, 2020
by Mark Everson, Former IRS Commissioner and alliantgroup Vice Chairman
Published in Tax Notes

Congress is to be commended for moving swiftly this spring to mitigate economic fallout from COVID-19, but the pandemic has exposed core vulnerabilities for the United States that require more than patchwork solutions. Now is the time to improve tools in the tax code that will make American businesses more competitive while increasing their ability to withstand the inevitable future economic shocks. We should start with the R&D tax credit. Let’s make it more generous, especially for U.S.-based manufacturers and small and mid-size businesses.

The Little Dutch Boy

Many Americans are familiar with the tale of the little Dutch boy who puts his finger in a dike and saves his village from certain […]

807, 2020

How the U.S. should incentivize innovation during the coronavirus pandemic

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June 23, 2020
Published in Fortune

The U.S. is facing a path diverged.

During the third month of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are rightfully wondering not only how long this health and economic crisis will last, but what the other side of this tragedy will look like.

When it comes to supporting the economy and the American business owner, how much of what we’ve implemented during the crisis will remain? What support strategies will disappear?

Or, perhaps more broadly, how can the U.S. leverage the obvious resurgence of American innovation during this crisis to compete on a global scale in ways we never have before?

While this crisis has certainly held certain aspects of the U.S. […]

707, 2020

Next Industrial Evolution – A Shift in US Manufacturing

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June 30, 2020
by Dhaval Jadav, Chief Executive Officer at alliantgroup
Published in Industry Today

The case for a necessary shift in manufacturing across America to spur job growth and innovation post COVID-19.

Our country is currently faced with a myriad of problems.

The ongoing global pandemic has wreaked havoc on our country from both a health and economic perspective. Mixed with undeniable political tension in the U.S. and we are left with a population crying out for answers to help us move toward progress.

The good news is that America’s history of success is due in large part to our ability to innovate. We have prospered as a nation due to our willingness to embrace new ideas and adapt to tumultuous times with valid solutions.

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