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alliantNational Opens in Washington D.C.

HOUSTON, TX. MAY 12, 2015 – alliantgroup is proud to announce the launch of alliantNational in Washington, D.C. The formation of alliantNational represents a bold step for the firm, expanding the overall scope and direction of the company’s specialty tax services. In addition to the firm’s current work in identifying valuable federal and state tax incentives, alliantNational offers a number of other services to CPAs and U.S. businesses to assist in navigating difficult tax matters, planning for the future and, in particular, working with the IRS and state tax officials.

Led by former IRS Acting Commissioner and alliantgroup National Director of Tax, Steven Miller, and former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup National Managing Director, Dean Zerbe, alliantNational is comprised of a world-class team of seasoned former IRS executives, key congressional staff, technical experts and experienced litigators. Experts in law and the legislative process, alliantNational has experience in providing services on a wide range of tax assistance, including employment and excise tax, captive insurance, credit audit defense, executive compensation, capitalization, passive loss and many other areas.

“alliantNational represents a major enhancement in our approach as a business consultant,” said Dean Zerbe, former Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and alliantgroup National Managing Director. “In the past, our national group focused on audit defense and substantiating claims. Now the emphasis will be on advising businesses much earlier in the process and working with CPAs and their clients to obtain optimal results on all tax matters, thereby avoiding disputes in the first place.”

alliantNational offers a full suite of tax consulting and controversy services, providing specialized support in numerous new areas, such as planning for governmental and tax exempt entities, international tax reporting and internal investigations. Taxpayers involved in international and corporate tax questions will benefit from alliantNational’s team of experts in law, procedure and litigation, as well as the wealth of experience of former Senate Counsel Dean Zerbe and former IRS executives Mark Everson, Steven Miller and Kathy Petronchak.

“There are real challenges in managing what are always risky interactions with the tax authorities,” said Steven Miller, former IRS Acting Commissioner and alliantgroup National Director of Tax. “The rules are challenging, and it is hard to maintain the right resources or expertise. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with all of the changes in procedures and the roles of tax authorities. Moreover, in any given situation, a wide array of possible strategies must be considered.”

“Nowhere will you find a better or more qualified group to assist you in difficult tax matters or in working with the IRS,” said Shane T. Frank, alliantgroup COO. “With the addition of alliantNational, the firm will be able to help CPAs and U.S. businesses meet any tax challenge.”

alliantgroup’s mission is one of education and awareness – we exist to help industry organizations, U.S. businesses and the CPA firms that advise them, take full advantage of all federal and state tax credits, incentives and deductions available to them. For more information on alliantgroup or alliantNational’s tax consulting services, please contact Shane T. Frank or Steven Miller at 1-(800) 564-4540 and be sure to visit both our website at and our blog at