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Chip Shortage Update

The global chip shortage is continuing to hamper enterprises worldwide, ranging from vehicle manufacturers to mobile phone makers, as well as other consumer, business, and industrial producers.

How Teacher Shortages Will Affect Future STEM Talent

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States across the country continue to struggle with staggering teacher shortages, and summer vacation is quickly coming to an end with a new school year upon us. Trying to find qualified candidates is a challenge for school districts nationwide, especially in STEM subjects, and this shortage will not only impact the youth of today, but it will impact tech companies for years to come.

Tech Companies — Your Best Investment is K-12 STEM Education

The United States is facing an unprecedented teacher shortage, with almost half (44%) of public schools reporting teacher vacancies this year. With fewer teachers renewing their contracts and resources slimming for students, US public schools’ ability to provide STEM education will continue to lag, further dulling the US’ competitive edge globally in science and engineering.

‘Big tech’ layoffs create big opportunities for small and mid-sized firms

Recent reports tell us that some 32,000 tech industry workers were laid off in the last year, mainly from large companies such as Tesla, Coinbase, TikTok, Twitter and others. Is this bad news for the U.S. tech sector? Probably not. It’s more likely to be good news, both for the employees who end up taking new jobs and for the true drivers of innovation in America—small and medium businesses (SMBs).