THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2016

12:00 – 12:45 PM CDT



If your company is involved in any of the following industrial controls or automation activities, this is a MUST-ATTEND presentation:

  • Providing custom control solutions, control panel fabrication, programming & sequencing of control systems; DCS, PLC, SCADA, PAC.
  • Developing product and system solutions; design engineering, schematic drawing for integration of system components, mechanical fabrication & integration of electrical / control systems.
  • Performing evaluations and system tests to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Implementation of automated systems such as PLC, HMI, information systems, motion/process control, robotics, RFID and 3D laser scanning.
  • And more


A Valuable Opportunity That Almost Passed Us By

Register now to hear one company’s firsthand experience with a credit that was instrumental in sparking the growth of their business. Due to a number of changes to this development credit, this company was able to claim a much higher result than they would have in prior years. Join us to hear this company’s story and learn what it could mean for your business.


Tracey_HeadshotTracy Lustyan is a Managing Director based in alliantgroup’s Chicago office. With Tracy’s guidance, more than 500 companies operating in diverse industries—including software, technology and systems integration—have claimed over $200 million in government-sponsored benefits. Tracy is passionate about government-sponsored tax incentives and the role they play in keeping jobs in the U.S.

Mike_Miller_headshotMatt Miller has served as president of Tri-Phase Automation for almost 25 years. His high-energy leadership has helped to transform the industrial automation industry with a unique business model that provides sophisticated engineering solutions as a servicing safeguard to the company’s product distribution, the largest offering of manufacturing components in the Midwest. Matt’s visionary, value-added operations strategy is ahead of its time; all of Tri-Phase’s account managers double as product specialists, and are all degreed engineers who are able to determine client needs, design application solutions, and service products. Thanks to Matt’s commitment to understanding and solving his clients’ needs, Tri-Phase has become leading expert in more than 10 vertical markets, including printing, packaging, paper, food and beverage, and medical.

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