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alliantgroup Launches the Blue Heart Fund

alliantgroup and Dhaval Jadav Donate $250,000 and Announces Non-Profit Fund to Help Local Communities

HOUSTON, Nov. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — alliantgroup is proud to announce the rollout of the Blue Heart Fund, the firm’s non-profit charitable effort created to support alliantgroup employees, clients and our CPA partners and their families in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and recent natural disasters.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, many displaced Texans needed temporary housing and support to help rebuild their lives. Like many other proud Americans, several directors at alliantgroup looked at the tragedy and wanted to do something to help those devastated by the storm.

“I have been fortunate. I’ve had countless friends and angels help me along the way and I’m immensely thankful for the support I’ve received over the years,” said Dhaval Jadav, alliantgroup CEO. “Many of my friends, family members and alliantgroup clients are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm and I wanted to help the people and the community that has given me so much. The Blue Heart Fund will not only be dedicated to those affected by recent events, but will be a long-term effort to help rebuild our local communities and expand opportunities for students and local families.”

alliantgroup initially began the Blue Heart Fund by making a $50,000 contribution, followed by a personal contribution from Jadav of $200,000. Those proceeds and other future contributions will be invested in rebuilding local communities and in the firm’s other charitable initiatives such as STEM education, future disaster relief and support for local schools.

Houston and our clients across the country have been very good to us. alliantgroup recognizes that we never would have gotten where we are today if not for the support of the communities we live in, the clients we serve and the people we work with,” said Jadav. “The Blue Heart Fund is our way of paying it forward to our clients and partners in their time of need. The fund will also serve the larger goal of putting people on the road to recovery and will invest in a better tomorrow for our local communities.”

In addition to helping those impacted by the storms, the intention is to grow the Blue Heart Fund to support STEM education through a variety of initiatives. As technology becomes even more prevalent in the workplace, STEM-related skills will be of the utmost importance for the next generation of Americans. In recognition of this truth and to support the next generation’s pursuit of the American dream, the Blue Heart Fund will work to enhance the ability of local schools to deliver engaging STEM opportunities and curriculums for their students.

“Whether we’re building for the future, or rebuilding for today’s immediate needs, the Blue Heart Fund will help people get on a pathway to success and move everyone closer to realizing the American dream,” said Kim Tardy, alliantgroup’s Director of Talent.

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