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New Legislation Rewards Value-Added Resellers


CEOs, CFOs, presidents or partners of Value Added Reseller businesses



Tuesday, June 12, 2018 from 12:00 – 12:30 PM CT

With the recent legislative changes, specifically tax reform and its effect on businesses, many value-added resellers are attempting to adapt to new policies and remain competitive. But did you know that there are underutilized government incentives available to the industry that can help reinvest capital back into your business?

Trusted industry partner, alliantgroup, is hosting a special webinar to educate value-added resellers on specific government incentives that could be utilized to help foster innovation and increase growth.

During this webinar, alliantgroup Managing Director Tracy Lustyan will focus on what value-added resellers are doing to stay ahead of the competition and how their everyday activities and investments could directly translate into cash back incentives.

If your company performs any of the following activities, chances are high that you are entitled to valuable incentives:

  • Providing clients with products and services that increase production rates, reduce waste and improve quality
  • Performing site evaluations and technology audits to determine client needs and scalability
  • Installing, optimizing and maintaining equipment through performance engineering and systems integration
  • Programming industrial control systems and various instrumentation
  • Modernizing legacy applications and assimilating older devices with new technologies
  • Collecting and analyzing data to anticipate challenges and identify solutions
  • Consulting clients about new technology and educating staff with applied training
  • Conducting equipment calibration and creating unique solutions to overcome calibration challenges
  • Optimizing communications networks and securing information systems

Be sure to attend this webinar to learn how to maximize the value of your company’s efforts!

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