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alliantgroup Takes Houston Students on “STEM Journey to the Stars” with Trip to Space Center

HOUSTON, Jan. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — alliantgroup volunteers took more than 80 students from Shearn Elementary School on a STEM-themed field trip last week to Space Center Houston as part of the company’s youth and community investment initiative.

During the field trip, alliantgroup volunteers guided students through areas of the Space Center such as the center’s Astronaut Gallery featuring items from the Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle eras, along with a tram tour to Rocket Park, where one of only three of the remaining actual Saturn V rockets is on display.

In addition to the tour, the students also participated in hands-on learning activities involving virtual reality and the Space Center’s robotics lab. The field trip is just the latest excursion in a growing list of community outreach initiatives sponsored by the Blue Heart Fund, alliantgroup’s nonprofit charity, designed to expose students to STEM education at an early age.

“It has been an honor for alliantgroup to be able to show these amazing local students how fun and exciting STEM can be by taking them on trips like this,” alliantgroup CEO Dhaval Jadav said. “I want to personally thank Space Center Houston for showing these passionate kids such a great time. They know as much as we do just how important STEM is!”

The students were also treated at the end of their Space Center tour to goodie bags that included space-themed pencils, books on space and freeze-dried astronaut ice cream.

“These types of events can have such an impact on students,” Jadav said. “It’s amazing to be able to show our local students just how exciting STEM can be, and how much they can learn just by having fun.”

There have been a number of recent reports highlighting the declining interest in STEM among young people. In an effort to combat this, alliantgroup’s Blue Heart Fund has put promoting STEM education at the forefront of all of its philanthropic efforts. From handing out STEM-based scholarships to its direct outreach to K-12 schools, the firm remains committed to engaging young people in STEM and illustrating the range of career opportunities that exist within STEM fields.

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