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Tax Breaks for U.S. Businesses

Chuck Wilson, Head of National Systems Contractors Association, on the R&D Tax Credit

From California to New York, American businesses that employ STEM-based professionals are qualifying for powerful government-sponsored tax savings. Before you write a check to the IRS for your quarterly estimated payments, estimate your credits to see if you could be entitled to significant value.

Congress has enacted powerful incentives to reward businesses for keeping technical jobs here in the United States. System integrators, value-added resellers, software and technology companies, and many other industries are ideal candidates to claim this anti-outsourcing incentive based on their daily activities.

alliantgroup has worked with more than 14,000 American businesses to identify more than $7 billion dollars in tax credits and incentives. We are also proud to partner with over 4,000 CPA firms to assist them in maximizing the value of the incentives available to their clients.

These incentives are time-sensitive, so don’t wait! See if your company can qualify today.

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Success Stories


Industrial Control
System Integrator

Annual Rev. $23MM

Credit Result: $2,241,906


Automation Solutions

Annual Rev. $14.7MM

Credit Result: $1,476,449


Process Control
Solutions Provider

Annual Rev. $5MM

Credit Result: $632,342

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