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Infographic Innovation

Congress had a solution with SECTION 41of the U.S. Tax Code: The R&D Tax Credit. The intent was to stimulate economic growth and bring jobs back to the U.S.


Making ‘Made in America’ Good for Business Again

The coronavirus pandemic has peeled back the curtain and showed American manufacturing’s weaknesses. Now is the time to create a viable economic environment for U.S. manufacturing companies through the implementation of new tech and a focus on a new generation of workers.

Understanding the Research & Development Tax Credit

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Your R&D Provider Checklist

As the nation’s premier tax consultant, we strive to be a resource that ensures the health and growth of your business and the American economy. As the biggest tax incentive available for U.S. businesses, the Research & Development Tax Credit (R&D Tax Credit) is key to strengthening companies nationwide and promoting job growth. Maximizing the benefits of this credit should be the goal of any consultant.


Tax Tools to Spur Sustainable Growth in the Next Wave of COVID-19 Relief Legislation

Congress is to be commended for moving swiftly this spring to mitigate economic fallout from COVID-19, but the pandemic has exposed core vulnerabilities for the United States that require more than patchwork solutions. Now is the time to improve tools in the tax code that will make American businesses more competitive while increasing their ability to withstand the inevitable future economic shocks. We should start with the R&D tax credit. Let’s make it more generous, especially for U.S.-based manufacturers and small and mid-size businesses.