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Tax Update in the Midst of Coronavirus with alliantgroup’s Dean Zerbe and Kathy Petronchak

alliantgroup’s National Managing Director Dean Zerbe and Director of IRS Practice & Procedure Kathy Petronchak answer submitted questions on the latest from the IRS in terms of deadline extensions and payments owed while offering a glimpse into how Congress is attempting to give American taxpayers the relief needed to get through the economic turmoil of this pandemic.

The IRS Faces an Unprecedented 2019 Filing Season

When I served as Commissioner of Internal Revenue from 2003 through 2007, the two fears that kept me up at night were of a botched filing season and a massive data breach. The damage from either event in the current environment would extend well beyond the nation’s tax system and further erode already badly undermined faith in government itself. The continuing ability of the IRS to process tax returns and issue refunds on the one hand, and protect taxpayer information on the other, depend upon the IRS having a workforce and information systems that are up to the task. At this point, the IRS has neither.

Forbes: Tax Extenders-The Deal?

Late last night, the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Congressman Brady (R-TX), put out aproposed two-year extenders bill (along with a significant number of other provisions) that appears to be “thedeal.”

Forbes: The Medical Device Tax: Stop Dreaming and Start Planning

The Senate’s recent vote of 79-20 to end the medical device tax has many using their replacement knees to jump up and down. Unfortunately, the dream is over and the reality is still with us. The Senate vote was on a budget resolution – the U.S. Senate’s answer to an air kiss.